How Rambling Will Take You Where You’re Meant To Be: A Diary of 2017


How Rambling Will Take You Where You’re Meant To Be:
To my surprise, it was a year of not writing and not picking up my camera much. I have been on an unplanned, unintentional hiatus from my blog. I wasn’t feeling the flow of writing evidently. The journey and emotions of life preoccupied me I suppose.  It’s been challenging, and rewarding. It’s been lonely at times, and reflective. Living life on the edge with whole-hearted truth, is hard but also has rewards to reap. They don’t call it rambling for no reason. Regardless, life is a beautiful journey of miracles. The ebbs and flows, the up and downs, the dark and the light are what keeps us alive, and opens up the doors of potential, possibilities and evolution. My life has been incredible – for how wide my eyes have been opened, for how much i have loved, for how big my heart is, for all the places that my soul has lead me to, for my open spirit, for the insight i have gained, for the lessons i learn, for all the incredibly yummy people that I have crossed paths with. I am grateful.

It’s been another year of learning and yearning and rambling – a year of moving, shaking, working, embracing, evolving, beauty, ups, downs…and within all that, finding a new area to call home.  Almost exactly a year ago, I returned to British Columbia, after my building internship in Utah, and being away for 9 months, including my 3-month stay in Ontario. Utah had my heart with its absolutely spellbinding beauty, vastness and sun! Driving the 19 hours back to Vancouver, I had no idea what I was headed towards or where, but I knew I was going back to the great west of Canada.  I knew I was cat sitting for two weeks for friends; so I had two weeks to sort something out. The Island aka Vancouver Island ended up calling me. I found a building job down south on the island. This entire year has seen me stay living on the Island. It hasn’t been without its bumps and adjustments along the way, but also excitement, joy, gratitude, and grace. I did find a new area to call home, that truly feels like home – it’s comfortable, it’s beautiful, it’s groovy – it’s the Comox Valley, a wee bit of paradise.

I’ll never know for sure where I’m headed, but then do any of us know for certain?!  Humbly surrendering to really not knowing, the unknown, opens up that mystery of life, the synchronicity of life – there is a force forever on the side for those brave enough to trust it.  I’m excited for what’s to come – to trust and truth.


Snowy Saanichton, BC, my first ‘home’ on the Island, is beautiful but unfortunately the experience for me was horrible. Long story short, I was scammed. Showed up home, one winter day after work, to the house being emptied, 4 vans & strange men cleaning, my room broken into. Apparently there was an eviction notice, given to Sam, the scammer, the guy who I rented from, a tenant; the guy who took the rent money from me, and 2 other roommates but never  paid the rent to the landlord; the guy who took our rent money and ran; the guy who got an eviction weeks prior and never told anyone, and moved out somehow without us knowing; the guy who lied and left me out on the street literally;  the guy who played victim when I confronted him via email. Slippery Sam as he is apparently known, the scammer. I digress.



At this same time, I was stoked to have paid work building a house – the work that enticed me to the island – a building job with KC Natural Homes, on an off-grid house.  I was grateful for the opportunity. I learned some, worked hard, and after a few months, it was time to leave the job, for a few reasons – one being safety – my intuition was saying it was time to move on, as my housing situation depicted as well.







I went north on the island, to the Comox Valley aka Courtenay-Cumberland-Comox. I had remember coming across, the town of Cumberland, on the google while researching a few months ago, and it had perked my interest, as much as the virtual world can but I had dismissed it initially. So being out of options, and somewhat desperate in finding solace and a place to call home, I headed to the unknown once again.


Not knowing a soul, not having a job, no place to live, knowing nothing of the area…i took a leap and was starting fresh yet again. My first weeks in the Valley was challenging of course, and I would seek nature for refuge daily. And mother nature always prevailed. Even with the constant clouds and rain of spring, I seeked the forest and beach.  This one day I will never forget. There was only me and one other person (the perks of it raining) on the beach. I strolled around a corner, to find a land of roe, herring roe. It was like a blanket on the beach. And, above, not too far, were countless big birds – hawks and bald eagles!! I had never seen anything like it. There were flying up, down, around, all over; there must have been 40 or so of each.  The display was awe-inspiring – it was healing, it was humbling, it was reassuring. I felt the love and grace. So simple.

I got acquainted with my new surroundings with regular strolls in the Cumberland Community Forest, on the beach, at the lake, went for a few mountain bike rides. The spring was super wet with rain constantly. The summer was super dry and hot, and I saw the beauty that this area offers. I ventured to swimming holes and mother nature often. There are countless waterfalls, rivers, lakes, local swim spots in these parts; it’s quite magical. It’s gorgeous country here. So yes, with the summer, not to mention the vibe of the place, I slowly was falling in love with this area, the Comox Valley. I was and still am so humbled by finding a place that i feel comfortable in, and feel at home with all its glory.  It’s been a long time coming, and I am so appreciative.

I got acquainted with the community by getting a job at the local brewpub, the Cumberland Brewing Co. It was superb for meeting locals, and diving into the small community of Cumberland of a mere 3000 people. This little town holds a special energy – it’s vibrant, eclectic, open, beautiful, artistic – has an incredible vibe and heart.





This is what summer looked like:



And then autumn and winter happened – more beauty, local adventure, beach and mountains in the good ‘ol Valley.  Thank you universe.  To a new year of nourishment and nurture…in a my new home.

“Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.”



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  1. Deana OReilly
    December 27, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    Beautifully put and a joy to read.