A Groovy Little Town – Taos, New Mexico


“Many, if not most, realms of life in Taos revolve around women…as women have always been part of the creative culture of Taos……It’s a somewhat surprising fact to some that feminine energy can thrive in such an isolated and sometimes harsh environment. But perhaps it’s just the perfect counterbalance we (people of Taos) need here.” ~Andy Jones, Taos Woman publication Taos_12 Locals are familiar with the “famous ‘Taos light’ as it is known to have drawn artists here from all over the world. The sun never lets Taos down” (Elliot Martin, Green Taos publication) as the open New Mexico sky flares wide here most of the year. Don’t let that fool you though as harsh weather is still apparently common in Taos. It is ordinary for this area of New Mexico to experience heavy blizzards, pounding monsoons, and intense dust storms at times. It was hard to imagine as my day in this gem of a town called Taos brought a gorgeous clear, hot sunny day with a perfect calm wind.

Taos_5Taos is a enigmatic town in northern New Mexico full of vibrancy and beauty. The city attracts artists of all disciplines, particularly women and many painters. The architecture of Taos is very distinguishable, as you know you have almost arrived when the buildings become original, for lack of better words. The best way I can find to describe them are quaint, curvy dwellings with rounded painted, plastered walls. Independent chic boutiques, funky stores and cafes surround charming squares and line downtown.


Taos’ happenings also spreads out quite a bit as you’ll still find many hip stores and restaurants miles out. The infrastructure and energy of Taos definitely easily brings a warm, genuine, groovy feel to it with an eco-sense. I soaked it all up. Taos_8

“Most people in Taos, New Mexico seem to be striving for a lifestyle that has less impact on the environment.” ~Andy Jones, Green Taos publication. One fantastic new initiative in Taos has opened the doors of solar energy and made it accessible to most. ‘Community Solar’ is a program created by Kit Carson Electric Cooperative that is essentially a solar farm, making solar energy available to everyone in Taos, not just homeowners. Each premise is assigned an appropriate amount of solar panels and pays accordingly. Taos is one of first it implement such a service along with Colorado, Massachusetts, and California.Taos_1


Good question. Modest Taos, New Mexico was a place unbeknownst to me until a couple days prior to my arrival. From Washington, I found myself on a most grand impromptu roadtrip, igniting with life. A few farms I had potentially lined up in Washington didn’t work out with timing so I had freedom – no plans, no obligations – I followed the wind (and the sun actually), due east basically. Montana was harsh and bare with dry, hot days. Drove passionately through there. I then I was fortunate enough to meet up with a fellow traveler, a current wanderer – so a kindred spirit. She was on her own odyssey in South Dakota, and we met up in Wyoming.

It is divine when I am able to meet up with a mate amidst travels; to share similar wanderlusts. I savour it. I am passionate about traveling and take great pleasure with the chance to share an adventure with a grand friend. I always appreciate the abundance of new energy and revised spirit it brings.

Out of Wyoming, we drove proficiently through Colorado, believe it or not – after learning firsthand how cold those mountains really are, even in the summer. We ventured just south, and New Mexico indeed was there. 


Taos_11 Taos_9


My mate had heard of Taos, New Mexico, and its humble print on New Mexico’s map called out at us. A lovely man solidified our intentions when he insisted a visit to Taos was unmissable, not to mention the Taos Mesa Brewery.


Arrival in Taos, New Mexico on a Friday was indeed superb timing, not to mention the Friday of Labour Day weekend (reasons which will be obvious soon). After wandering sweet downtown, it didn’t take us long to head to the highly recommended bar, Taos Mesa Brewery. A very good decision was made to not walk from downtown as it was literally several miles away, on highway 64, next to the small Taos airport. In a relatively isolated location, this Taos bar seems to be out in the middle of nowhere but it is apparently a midpoint for local towns. It’s true; it proved to be a great meeting spot for locals and travelers alike. It has spectacular views of New Mexican landscape to be enjoyed on its patio. It also has live music and happy hour every night.

We arrived with plenty of time left on the clock for happy hour. It was perfect, and exactly as we desired, as we were both aching for a bit of liveliness, fun, music – you ask, you shall receive. Taos Mesa Brewing did not disappoint as early dusk patio drinks turned to late night live latino band from Brazil. Superb. People were dancing. Everyone was so jubiant. We met a few locals, and soaked up the vivacious atmosphere until almost closing time. Then Ollie was right there, ready to be passed out in.


The next day, Taos showed us more fun, as we headed up to Taos Ski Valley for High Mountain Hideout music festival. In previous days, we had again been hoping for some good times with a charming, affordable music festival. Posters in local shops in Taos pointed us in the right direction. The High Mountain Hideout festival was only $35 for 2 days of camping and music. Sold! It truly satisfied our souls as we yearned for a chilled energy of music and festival vibes. The indie acts were grand and the scenery was stellar. It was a most divine weekend in Taos.

Taos, New Mexico is a spirited hub filled with happy vibes, great energy, and delightful people. One touch exemplifying this was when we were browsing in a store and the woman asked it we wouldn’t mind if she stepped outside for a break while we shopped; we were stoked that we looked ‘trustworthy’, and of course didn’t mind 🙂  She then proceeded to do Tai Chi soaking up that sun just outside in the courtyard. Love it.

Needless to say, I am a lover of Taos, New Mexico. There is tons to do (or not to do) in and around Taos and the area. With fantastic energy, it is a place to be, and to experience, not to be missed.



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  1. Leigh
    October 21, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    Aw man, so jelly. It’s my ideal landscape but with artists, music and solar power? Oasis!

    • the curious rambler
      October 21, 2014 at 5:43 pm

      It is your place mate!! Let’s go one day!?

  2. Deana
    September 20, 2014 at 5:44 am

    As usual, great pictures and wonderful writings. Makes you feel like you are right there with you. 🙂

    • the curious rambler
      September 27, 2014 at 4:59 pm

      It’s always a pleasure to be able to convey my environment and my experience to anyone that will enjoy…thanks for always reading Deana! 🙂

  3. Eroca
    September 20, 2014 at 4:09 am

    Makes me wanna go right now!

    • the curious rambler
      September 27, 2014 at 5:00 pm

      Excellent…that’s my goal 🙂