Why Travel?


Ten Reasons To Leave All Your Comforts Behind and Travel!

Traveling is a passion of mine.  It has opened up my soul and ignited my spirit.  I am forever grateful for that.  It can still be very challenging at times and still is a leap for me to get out there (no matter how many times I have done it) but it is also extremely rewarding and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I encourage anyone who can, to take the leap, you owe it to yourself.  You won’t regret it. Here are a few reasons why:

1. The Journey.  Traveling independently allows you to make your trip anything you want it to be, you make it your own with endless possibilities.  It’s a journey in every sense of the word – geographically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.  You will learn more about yourself and what this world has to offer than ever before.

2. New Experiences.  You will have incredible experiences that you don’t even know are possible.  The door is open while traveling.  Every moment is a new experience in a different place with different people.  Typical daily life seems to hold us down with mundane, routine experiences.  Traveling opens up new experiences everyday which will humble you, engage you and open you up.

3. Open your Eyes and Heart.  Allow yourself this and your soul will open as well.

4. Letting Go.  Traveling is an ultimate practice in this.  You let go of your comfort, familiarity, material possessions, your home, artificial security, your pretenses, most attachments really.  Letting go of one thing, always opens up new possibilities and new doors.  Traveling there is nothing certain, and such is life but we trick ourselves into thinking there is certainty.  You will let go of artificial certainty and open up to the moment and the endless possibilities.

5. Shift of Reality.  One of the truths in life is impermanence, even though we constantly try to achieve the opposite, permanence. Impermanence is part of the natural scheme of things, there is no such thing as permanence.  Traveling will shift your reality of this and remind you with each step of your journey because it is so unknown.

6. You will Feel Alive.  Traveling energizes and revitalizes me like nothing else I have experienced, with an adventure around every corner.  The human spirit requires that energy in order for us to thrive and grow.

7. Embrace the Unknown.  There is no such thing as solid ground.  So why do we pretend there is?  Essentially no one knows from one moment to the next what will happen.  Traveling will open you up to the unknown and allow you to face your fear of it, and embrace it and welcome it.

8. Get to Know Yourself.  You will experience challenges and rewards like nothing else while traveling. It is you out there alone facing all these new experiences, all the unknown, all the fears, there is no one else to rely on or even to blame when things don’t go your way.  You will get to know yourself better than ever in the process and be rewarded more than ever. You will grow, evolve and feel better about yourself. Your spirit will be ignited.

9. Experience the Raw Humanity.  The world is not as scary as you think. In most everyday lives or even on holiday tours, we miss out on the rare, random connections with fellow humans beings, mostly because we don’t rely on them necessarily or even turn away from them.  Traveling you rely immensely on these encounters daily to help you and guide you with your journey.  You essentially would be lost without them.  It gives you the chance to connect with people of all different backgrounds and cultures and you will evidently find warmth, acceptance and generosity everywhere in this world.

10. Get Out of your Comfort Zone.  You will get out of your comfort zone that you don’t even realize you’re in necessarily.  Most of us today are very much in our comfort zones without realizing that it actually holds us back.  Constantly clinging to comfort hinders our spirt.  Life is a journey and we must continue to learn and grow and seek new experiences and adventures, whatever they may be.




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